POS1 Thermal Paper 4 3/8 x 125 ft x 50mm CORELESS BPA Free 16 rolls

Longer coreless roll, safer and better for the environment - no plastic tube to slip on or dispose of Fits Zebra QLn420 and all thermal printers that use 4 3/8" wide paper with a holder for 50mm diameter or larger rolls Bright white, BPA Free Thermal Paper with red end of roll warning stripe 3 feet from end

Fits Zebra QLn420 Mobile Printer Longer CORELESS rolls allow more work between roll changes. 4.375" x 125 feet long x 2" diameter, Metric 111mm x 38.1 meters x 50mm diameter. Environmentally friendly BPA Free Thermal Rolls made with American Made Advanced CORELESS Winding Technology. A coreless roll can have up to 20 ft more paper vs plastic core rolls and still fits! These rolls are perfect for the newest mobile printers.